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‘Gilets Jaunes’ to Be Stopped with New Macron Speech, Or So He Hopes

France’s Macron to address the nation on Monday and announce measures in response to ‘Gilets Jaunes’  – EuroNews
French president Emmanuel Macron will address the French people in a press conference at the Elysee palace at 8pm on Monday night, the French presidential team announced on Sunday. In his address to the nation, the president will be expected to detail measures as a way forward for the country in response to the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) movement. | go to source

01 PGN Posts

Kamikazi Drones and Russian Bears Roam the Veld

Here Come the Kamikazis, But They’re American, and They’re Drones
PG Newser – The Department of Defense is searching from some Marvins of the sky, that is, depressed robots, depressed robots willing to kill themselves.  Ok, so we’re really just talking about suicide drones, and the Department of Defense wants them, and they want them bigly.
The National Interest Online – In a Joint Urgent Operational Needs Statement submitted to the Department of Defense in 2016 (and first reported by Defense One this month), U.S. Special Operations Command put in a request for $24 million in funding for 325 Lethal Miniature Aerial Missile Systems (LMAMS), precision-guided munitions intended to loiter above a battlefield before dive-bombing their targets below. | Get the Full Story

Russians in the Central African Republic? You Betcha!

World Affairs Journal – In December 2017, Russia secured an exemption to the Security Council arms embargo, allowing Moscow to deliver arms and training for what a UN panel of experts describes as part of a multinational effort — including the European Union Military Training Mission — to boost the capabilities of the CAR’s military and security forces. | Get the Full Story […] | go to source