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The False Zombie Deer Sausage Debacle

The False Zombie Deer Sausage Debacle on today’s Lulzard Show
MicroPenis Trap Upsets New Bride, Who Spills the Sausage on Reddit.
PG Newser – One day you wake up to learn that your wife decided to share on the public internets a story about your micropenis.  The story goes like this, you have a micropenis.  This happened   Not only did it happen, but the wife, your new wife, was asking her Reddit friends for advice.  What do you do when your manz has a micropenis and he didn’t tell you ahead of time?  Is he a microtrap?
Mirror UK- She felt he had lied and tricked her, so decided to share the story on Reddit to get some advice.But her husband found the post and is now terrified somebody will work out it’s about him, so is threatening to divorce and sue her
Zombie Deer is Good Eats, Docs Say
NY Post – Researchers examined about 80 people who’ve feasted on the meat of deer that tested positive for chronic wasting disease — a fatal illness that causes zombie-like behavior in the animals and could spread to humans — and found over the course of the six-year study “no significant changes in health conditions,” USA Today reported on Thursday.
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Honest Abe Trends on Twitter, and He’s Giving the Ladies the Vapors

He freed the slaves and then he freed the nipple, his own, all two of his own, and he did it on Twitter.  No, were’ not talking about Weinergate 2.o, we’re talking about Abraham Lincoln, whose shirtless image was shared on Twitter by Zach Stentz, who just wanted to remind the world that in the Los Angeles Courthouse there exists a shirtless Abraham Lincoln, a young, sexy, shirtless Abraham Lincoln. | Get the Full Story