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Mexico Tells US to Open the Northern Flow or Face Tariffs

In a new twist on the Trade War front, Mexico is hinting that it might use tariffs against the US in response to it’s claims the US actions on the border are significantly impeding northern flow, and it’s hurting everyone.

From the Mexico News Daily – The Mexican government has not ruled out imposing new trade sanctions against the U.S. in retaliation for measures that have had slowed the movement of trade goods across the border. But foreign trade undersecretary Luz María de la Mora expressed confidence such a move won’t be necessary due to the dialogue Mexico has with Washington.

Perhaps, methinks this might be bluster, but it does, nonetheless, highlight the growing tensions between the US and Mexico over border issues.  It’s also apparently some majorly debated thing in America.  I have heard the word borders more in the last year than I have in my entire existence up to that point.

More from Mexico News Daily- Truck traffic has been slowed for more than a month as the U.S. has been unable to keep up with the volume since it reassigned hundreds of border agents to handle the influx of migrants attempting to cross from Mexico.  De la Mora said there are provisions in international agreements that stipulate there should be no unnecessary measures implemented that would inhibit trade.  But “what we want is that this is resolved quickly through dialogue and we believe that can be achieved.” | go to source

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