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Father of the American Cavalry May Have Had a Little Woman in Him, No, Literally

So there’s this guy named Casimir Pulaski who is considered by enough people so as not to make the title of this story clickbait, the father of the American Cavalry.  The fact that his name is hardly of the WASPY variety makes this ‘fact’ quite fitting of the alleged American spirit.  But wait, there’s more.  According to Virginia Hutton Estabrook, an assistant professor of anthropology at Georgia Southern University, “One of the ways that male and female skeletons are different is the pelvis.  In females, the pelvic cavity has a more oval shape. It’s less heart-shaped than in the male pelvis. Pulaski’s looked very female.”
She went on to explain that it essentially appears at least likely he is one of one in 2000 people who fall into a category called Intersex. “Intersex, as Pulaski is suspected to perhaps have been, is an individual who carries both biological characteristics of males and females.”- All That’s Interesting. | go to source

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Scientists Say Said Will Say It Is Over It is Beginning- Machine Sees All Times, Possible

I know my headline is a bit obtuse but I do enjoy stabbing at the fringes of time.  Here, we have time being known, futurely, the future, all paths, all potentials, contained by the wonderful mathematical dance of researchers out of the Nanyang Technological University, College of Science.  Here’s what Science Daily has on this,
“Researchers have implemented a prototype quantum device that can generate and analyze a quantum superposition of possible futures. Using a novel quantum algorithm, the possible outcomes of a decision process are encoded as a superposition of different photon locations. Using interferometry, the team show that it is possible to conduct a search through the set of possible futures without looking at each future individually.”
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A Woman’s Tears Sustains Bees Inside Her Eye

Doctors Discover 4 Bees In Woman’s Left Eye Living Off Her Tears – HuffPost
It sounds unbelievable but doctors in Taiwan have removed four bees embedded in a woman’s left eye.
The 29-year-old patient went to Fooyin University Hospital last month because of severe pain in that eye. Doctors discovered the tiny bees feeding off the moisture in her tear ducts, according to Business Insider Singapore. | go to source

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April Fools Joke Might End Texas Judge’s Career

Sometimes you win the April Fool’s game, and sometimes you lose.  In this case, an April Fool’s pranker totally fooled everyone, including himself.  He thought he was resigning from his newly won office of Judge as jokes, but jokes, apparently,, have legal consequences, which could result in the newly elected judge becoming a newly resigned one.  Maybe he can win the special election?
Texas civil court judge accidentally resigns – Reuters
A newly elected judge in Houston accidentally resigned on Monday, according to local media and a county official, after he shared plans online to run for the state supreme court, apparently unaware that the Texas constitution considers such an announcement an automatic resignation.  The Harris County Civil Court judge, Bill McLeod, did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Tuesday. Local TV station KHOU 11 News on Monday reported that McLeod declined to comment on the move.  Article 16, Section 65, of the state’s constitution says that a judge’s announcement of candidacy for another office “shall constitute an automatic resignation of the office then held.” | go to source