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CBS Triggers Secret Service Complaints After “Assassinate Trump” Tweet

CBS may have violated twitter’s terms of service, says the Geller Report, by LITERALLY tweeting “Assassinate Trump”
Leftwing CBS Television Show ‘The Good Fight’ Tweet ’Assassinate Trump’ Sparks Calls for Secret Service Investigation – Geller Report
CBS crime drama The Good Fight tweeted an image on Friday from a recent episode, entitled, “The One Where Diane Joins the Resistance.” The imaged showed a character pointing to a list of “target words” that included the phrases “Assassinate President Trump” and “Eliminate Mar-a-Lago.” The tweet, which has since been deleted, sparked backlash among Twitter users, many of who reported CBS to the Secret Service. | go to source

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Dem Mayor Launches Presidential Bid By Destroying MAGA

Apparently, according to Politics USA, an Indiana Mayor just destroyed the myth of Trump with a powerful rust belt appeal….
Pete Buttigieg Just Terrified Trump By Destroying The Myth Of MAGA – Politics USA
Mayor Pete Buttigieg wasted no time in destroying the myth behind Trump’s MAGA and making a real appeal to rural and Rust Belt communities.While kicking off his presidential campaign in South Bend, IN, Buttigieg said, “And that’s why I’m here today. To tell a different story than make America great again. Because there’s a myth being sold to industrial and rural communities, the myth that we can stop the clock and turn it back. It comes from people who think the only way to speak to communities like ours is through resentment and nostalgia…” | go to source

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The OAC Bossery V Donald Gets Orange Jumpsuit

RightZilla – OAC Pulls Boss Card in Epic Video Slapdown
The American Mirror – Talking about how she tried to overcome her insecurities, she said, “I’m at least trying, and they’re not. And so the power is in the person who’s trying, regardless of the success.“If you’re trying, you’ve got all the power, you’re driving the agenda, you’re doing all this stuff,” Ocasio-Cortez said. | Get the Full Story

Leftzilla – The Donald Could Be Cell-Bound After 2020
PoliticsUSA – Former U.S. attorney Barbara McQuade said on Saturday that there is a possibility Donald Trump could be indicted and charged the day after he leaves office on January 21, 2021. | Get the Full Story | go to source